Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are pleased to welcome you to the 14th International Symposium on Antimicrobial Agents and Resistance (ISAAR) & 2024 Annual Conference of the Korean Society of Antimicrobial Therapy (KSAT) at the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas from April 8-10, 2024. ISAAR returns to Seoul, co-hosted by KSAT, after a five-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which prevented the organization from holding an in-person symposium since its last event in Gyeongju in 2019.

Since its establishment in 1958, the Korean Society of Antimicrobial Therapy has been dedicated to promoting the appropriate use of antibiotics. The society holds an annual symposium to develop and educate on appropriate antimicrobial therapy, and we are pleased to co-host next year's event with ISAAR 2024. ISAAR has established itself as one of the leading conferences in the Asia-Pacific region for infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance, and new antibiotics. Organized biennially by the Asia Pacific Foundation for Infectious Diseases (APFID), ISAAR provides a platform for research information and international academic exchange in the field of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance.

ISAAR 2024 & Annual Conference of KSAT aims to provide comprehensive information on infectious diseases and multiple opportunities for face-to-face networking. Our event will focus on important topics such as antibiotic resistance, clinical implications, diagnostic techniques, development of new antibiotics, and treatment guidelines.

We will also discuss the silent pandemic that threatens global public health, as well as timely topics such as vaccine development, antimicrobial resistance and the microbiome, recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of infections, changing infection control trends and strategies, and emerging infectious diseases that may represent the next pandemic after COVID-19.

With over 1,500 world-class infectious disease experts from over 50 countries, with 50 invited speakers from around the world, providing an ideal platform for networking and scientific exchange among researchers. It is an excellent opportunity for researchers and experts from academia, the pharmaceutical industry, research institutes, and governments to come together, generate new ideas, and establish productive partnerships. We warmly welcome you to ISAAR 2024 & Annual Conference of KSAT and look forward to your active participation and fruitful discussions.

Gangnam, Seoul is a hub of K-culture, including K-pop, K-drama, K-food, and more, and is universally loved.
We hope you will discover new and exciting experiences in Seoul, the city that bursts with colors, traditions, and cutting-edge technological innovations.

We look forward to seeing you in Seoul, Korea next April!