With one of Asia’s biggest underground malls, sky-high buildings and international brands, this glitzy Seoul district is also the unlikely home of several historic sites.

In addition to its popular attractions, Gangnam is famous for the worldwide hit song and music video "Gangnam Style" by Psy, which introduced a catchy dance move and brought attention to the district's trendy fashion, high-end architecture, and luxurious lifestyle. "Gangnam Style" has become a symbol of South Korean pop culture and has further attracted visitors to experience the vibrant and contrasting features of Gangnam. Gangnam, a district in Seoul, has two sides to it. First, it's known for the huge COEX Convention and Exhibition Center, a mall with unique stores, many restaurants, and an aquarium. Second, for those interested in history and a quieter environment, there's the Seolleung Burial Grounds and Bongeunsa Temple, which even offers a temple-stay experience. The area is well-connected with the Samseong subway station, and there are many attractions waiting to be discovered underground.

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